About WMSC Ltd

WMSC Ltd was founded by marine professionals in August 2020. Tom Grant, Secretary and Edward Fitzek Principle Marine Surveyor.

The Directors are fully up to date with their certification for marine activities and for offshore deployment, including GWO certificates. We are SOMWS accredited professional mariners and have Lloyds academic accreditations in surveying, they regularly attend for offshore projects.

The Directors of WMSC are looking ahead to projects worldwide. The renewable sector of the marine industry is of particular interest, and we anticipate that it will require a range of marine qualified personnel in the near future.

There will be challenging projects around the world, and WMSC are looking forward to participating in the work, providing our well-founded expertise for all aspects of the projects from supplying suitability qualified persons to attend offshore and onshore.

Environmental Statement

As professional mariners we are well aware of environmental impacts from marine projects. With this in mind, environmental issues and concerns will have the uppermost focus on projects we are involved in.

This will include:

  • Adherence to regulations from statutory agencies.
  • Cooperation with environmental groups
  • Keeping the company updated on environmental issues
  • Working with clients on their environmental issues and concerns

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